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Stickland Announces Republican Precinct Chair Endorsements for Re-Election

October 3, 2015


(Bedford, TX) – Friday, Jonathan Stickland announced his second round of public endorsements for his re-election campaign to the Texas House. The list includes the overwhelming majority of elected Republican Precinct Chairs who represent District 92.

Durwood Foote – Hurst
Billy Hines – Hurst
Mark Worcester – Hurst
Carol Cole – Hurst
James Trimm – Hurst
Sherry Gregory – Hurst
Joel Downs – Hurst
Wayne Wylie – Hurst
David Kowis – Hurst

Tara Cowan – Euless
Bret Coody – Euless
Darl Easton – Euless
Angela Morrone – Euless
Missi West – Euless
Dr. Marlene McMillan – Euless
Barbara Girourard – Euless
Sue Eubanks – Euless
Randy King – Euless
Renee Barrett – Euless
David Eagan – Euless

Anne Gebhart – Bedford
Curtis McCaffity – Bedford
Sheridan King – Bedford
Charles Orean – Bedford
John Holcomb – Bedford
Thomas Attebery – Bedford
Merritt Lee Nevland – Grand Praire
Dale Holt – Arlington

“I am very happy to seek re-election based on my conservative voting record and my strict adherence to the entire Republican Party platform while in the legislature. It means a lot to me that those tasked with holding me accountable at the grassroots level have noticed and so strongly support my return to the Texas House. I will not let them down.” Stickland commented.

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