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We've Hit the Ground Running

November 20, 2012

I can’t tell you how exciting it is to actually file legislation that will protect Texans and provide solutions to our state. I plan on filing more legislation as the session draws near but yesterday I had the privilege of being the first freshman to file a bill for the upcoming session.

In order to accomplish as much as possible my staff and I decided to pre-file these bills so before I was even sworn in as State Representative I could begin earning the support of my colleagues. Below are descriptions of the legislation we filed.

HJR 45—Proposing a constitutional amendment protecting private schools from state and local regulation.

Particularly in light of the renewed push for greater school choice in Texas, now is the time to create permanent protections for the independence of private schools. Regardless of whether current proposals for expanded parental choice in education gain traction, and regardless of whether my colleagues support or oppose those measures, I hope we can all stand together to protect the independence and autonomy of private schools.

My amendment, which would prevent the state or local governments from regulating the educational program of a private school, is an important change that is long overdue. I hope to work to earn the support of all of my fellow Representatives—urban, suburban, and rural; Republicans and Democrats.  This is an issue we should all be able to agree on.

HB 202— Relating to the absence of a student from school to visit with a parent or guardian who will be or has been deployed on military duty.

This bill will allow the children of military service members ten days of excused absence from school when their parent or guardian is deployed or returns from deployment. The idea for this legislation came from the Republican Party of Texas platform, but I feel that such a common sense idea that is good for the families of our heroes in the military will earn the support of both Republicans and Democrats alike.

HB 203— Relating to changing the name of the Railroad Commission of Texas to the Texas Oil and Gas Commission.

There are many things that are absurd about our government; the name of the Railroad Commission is amongst them. As an oilman who deals with the oilfield regulations passed by the Railroad Commission every day in my personal job, I felt the need to correct the name of the agency to make it more clear for Texas taxpayers and voters.  Given that the Commission began regulating oil and gas operations in 1917 and ceased regulating railroads entirely in 2005, it is time that we rename it the Texas Oil and Gas Commission.


Our campaign is only able to accept donations through December 6th. I’m extremely humbled by the outpouring of support we’ve received to date and appreciate any contribution you can make before our deadline.

God Bless,

Jonathan Stickland