“Jonathan Stickland is a principled leader in his community, voters can depend on him to carry those principles into the Texas House.”

Cathie Adams
Previous Republican Party Chair, Texas


“Jonathan Stickland is a true conservative and will be ready to represent district 92 on day one. He is well-versed on the issues and has not only the intellect to sift through the rhetoric but also the tenacity to not back down from his principles. “

Dave and Anne Gebhart
Leading Conservatives, Bedford, Texas


“He (Jonathan) is an honorable man who is grounded on conservative principles. He will stand strong for his constituents and serve with their interest at heart.”

Rodney Anderson
State House RepresentativeDistrict 106, Texas


“Jonathan Stickland has the conservative backbone to stand up against an ever encroaching federal government. He is the strongest advocate precinct 3156 could have in the State House.”

Mark Worcester
GOP ChairmanPrecinct 3156


“Jonathan understands what small businesses need to create jobs, he’s 100% pro-life, and will fight to limit the role of government in peoples lives.”

Charles Lynk
GOP ChairmanPrecinct 3327


The Northeast Tarrant County Tea Party endorses Jonathan Stickland

Local Endorsements


Durwood Foote
Chairman Precinct 3032, Hurst, TX

Darl Easton
Chairman Precinct 3036, Euless, TX

Kenneth Vaile
Chairman Precinct 3037, Bedford, TX

Bill Hines
Chairman Precinct 3139, Hurst, TX

Merrit Nevland
Chairman Precinct 3158, Grand Prairie, TX

Richard Smith
Chairman Precinct 3160, Euless, TX

Joe Deal
Chairman Precinct 3183, Euless, TX

Joel Downs
Chairman Precinct 3213, Hurst, TX

Dr. Marlene McMillan
Chairman Precinct 3247, Euless, TX

Robert Carter
Chairman Precinct 3248, Hurst, TX

Stephen West
Chairman Precinct 3249, Bedford, TX

Mark Boyett
Chairman Precinct 3283, Bedford, TX

Barbara Girouard
Chairman Precinct 3329, Euless, TX

David Eagan
Chairman Precinct 3391, Euless, TX

Eric Miles
Chairman Precinct 3511, Euless, TX

John Holcomb
Chairman Precinct 3517, Bedford, TX