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Defend Texas Liberty Moneybomb

July 11, 2013

I did exactly what I promised you I would do and Austin didn’t like it.

We fought for life, liberty and limited government. In doing so we compiled the most conservative voting record in the legislature according to a Rice University study. The insiders and lobbyists in Austin would prefer a lackey who will bend to their will. So they are attacking us.

Watch the video below to see just how you can stand up against this attack on your conservative values.

Our campaign coffers are in desperate need of resources. The lobbyists and PAC’s are gearing up to target this race and we need your help to respond. Every dollar you donate on July 29th will be matched dollar for dollar up to $75,000!

Your support is the most valuable to our campaign. With your help we will defend Texas liberty. Please join the fight today.

For Liberty,

Jonathan Stickland