“Jonathan Stickland is a courageous conservative with a heart of gold. As an elected representative, he has been highly successful in bringing home the best policies and principles for his constituents. Voters in House District 92 are most fortunate to be represented by one of the hardest working legislators who employs the highest integrity as he works on the issues most important to them. I hope my friends in HD 92 will join me in keeping Jonathan Stickland serving them in Austin.”

Cathy Adams
Previous Republican Party Chair and President of the Eagle Forum, Texas

“Rep. Stickland is not only a fighter for the unborn but a staunch defender of traditional marriage and religious freedom. I am proud to continue my work with Rep. Stickland and I fully endorse his re-election to protect Texans religious liberty and to defend the Texas values of the traditional family.”

Jonathan Saenz
President of Texas Values

“Jonathan Stickland did what he promised he would do. He never relented when it came to defending liberty and fighting for our Christian values. I am proud to endorse his reelection campaign and encourage all conservatives to do the same.”

Kelly Shackleford
President and CEO of the Liberty Institute

“Rarely do politicians do what they say they will do once elected. Jonathan Stickland has done just that. As an early supporter of his first campaign, I could not be happier to stand with him once again. Hurst, Euless, and Bedford can be proud of the fact that they have sent a true leader to represent them in the Texas legislature.”

State Senator Konni Burton
Senate District 10

“Representative Stickland is a true defender of liberty. When something needs to get done in the House or a bad bill needs to be killed, he is the go to guy. I am proud to endorse his reelection campaign.”

State Senator Don Huffines
Senate District 16

“Representative Jonathan Stickland is a one of a kind leader in the Texas House. Jonathan’s command of the rules and dedication to his home district makes him a tremendous asset for the conservative movement in Texas. I am proud to endorse him for reelection.”

State Senator Van Taylor
Senate District 8

“Jonathan Stickland is a true conservative and will be ready to represent District 92 on day one. He is well-versed on the issues and has not only the intellect to sift through the rhetoric but also the tenacity to not back down from his principles. ”

Dave and Anne Gebhart
Leading Conservatives, Bedford, Texas

“He (Jonathan) is an honorable man who is grounded on conservative principles. He will stand strong for his constituents and serve with their interest at heart.”

Rodney Anderson
State Representative House District 106

“Jonathan Stickland has the conservative backbone to stand up against an ever encroaching federal government. He is the strongest advocate precinct 3156 could have in the State House.”

Mark Worcester
GOP Chairman Precinct 3156

“The Northeast Tarrant County Tea Party (NETTP) endorses Jonathan Stickland.”

Northeast Tarrant County Tea Party

Durwood Foote, Chairman Precinct 3032, Hurst
Billy Hines, Chairman Precinct 3139, Hurst
Mark Worcester, Chairman Precinct 3156, Hurst
Carol Cole, Chairman Precinct 3166, Hurst
James Trimm, Chairman Precinct 3176, Hurst
Sherry Gregory, Chairman Precinct 3196, Hurst
Joel Downs, Chairman Precinct 3213, Hurst
Wayne Wylie, Chairman Precinct 3248, Hurst
David Kowis, Chairman Precinct 3282, Hurst

Tara Cowan, Chairman Precinct 1388, Euless
Bret Coody, Chairman Precinct 1603, Euless
Darl Easton, Chairman Precinct 3036, Euless
Angela Morrone, Chairman Precinct 3183, Euless
Missi West, Chairman Precinct 3216, Euless
Dr. Marlene McMillan, Chairman Precinct 3247, Euless
Barbara Girourard, Chairman Precinct 3329, Euless
Sue Eubanks, Chairman Precinct 3335, Euless
Randy King, Chairman Precinct 3336, Euless
Renee Barrett, Chairman Precinct 3389, Euless
David Eagan, Chairman Precinct 3391, Euless


Anne Gebhart, Chairman Precinct 3157, Bedford
Curtis McCaffity, Chairman Precinct 3260, Bedford
Sheridan King, Chairman Precinct 3283, Bedford
Charles Orean, Chairman Precinct 3322, Bedford
John Holcomb, Chairman Precinct 3517, Bedford
Thomas Attebery, Precinct Chairman 3334, Bedford

Grand Prairie
Merrit Lee Nevland, Precinct Chairman 2158, Grand Prarie

Dale Hole, Precinct Chairman 2316, Arlington