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A Conservative Response to Illogical Liberal Attacks

June 23, 2013

This morning I tweeted about being grateful for freedoms I have and the left quickly jumped to completely illogical conclusions.

When liberals begin attacking you by the hundreds on twitter it at least warrants a response.

1. My reference this morning to being grateful for the ability to defend myself is coupled with the knowledge that there are those among us who cannot defend themselves.Through my vote today I will be defending the rights of those who cannot speak for their own rights. The right to protect ourselves has nothing to do with partisanship or party affiliation. Liberals would like to create certain categories of human beings who in their minds, are not worth protecting. This is a very slippery slope and leads to the degradation of society. The way we treat the most vulnerable among us defines us as a state. In Texas we believe in protecting the rights of all those who are vulnerable, be they disabled, elderly, or unborn.

2. Only liberals would depict legislation that increases the standard of care women are receiving in health clinics as a “war on women”. This is how desperate Democrats are to take Texas. The amount of spin they put on the truth is exhausting.

3. Only liberals would take a mention of the 2nd amendment and my gratefulness for my ability to protect myself from threats and twist it into absurd accusations that I am going to attack people today at the Capitol.

I look forward to a robust debate and encourage everyone to participate in the public discussion in a civil and orderly fashion. I believe Texas values will be represented today in the passage of SB 5 and HB 60. And when that happens, it will be my proudest moment as a legislator.