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Cathie Adams Endorsement

February 13, 2012

Today I am being endorsed by immediate-past Texas GOP Chairman Cathie Adams who has served Texas conservatives for years in her leadership roles with the Republican Party of Texas and Texas Eagle Forum.

Cathie endorsed my campaign stating, “Jonathan Stickland is a principled leader in his community, voters can depend on him to carry those principles into the Texas House.”

She went on to say, “Jonathan is courageously challenging an incumbent who campaigns as a conservative, but votes as a moderate. Voters have a clear choice between a career politician with a moderate voting record, or a passionately conservative leader.”

I’m grateful for all the conservative support given to my candidacy for Texas State Representative. Today I am especially grateful to Cathie Adams for her gracious support. It’s time for a leader who will not only campaign as a conservative, but will also vote as a conservative.