Spending Reform

The proper role of government is clearly outlined in our state and federal constitutions. Anything outside of them should be rejected and handled by the private sector, churches, and charities. If we demand that things such as public education, roads, water infrastructure, and the criminal justice system are funded first and not last, our state will flourish.

Protecting the “Rainy Day Fund” is vital to our state’s long term financial health/credit rating and must stop being viewed by politicians as a slush fund.

Zero based budgeting works and should be adopted in Texas along with increased transparency. Strict spending limits, based on population and inflation growth, should be added to our constitution to halt the further growth of government. We must always remember that tax dollars belong to the people.

-Voted against raiding the Rainy Day Fund

-Voted No on the budget during the 83rd Legislative Session because it increased spending by 26%

-Voted Yes on the budget during the 84th Legislative Session because it was limited to population and inflation growth

-Authored House Bill 139, which would free up millions of tax dollars by ending forced newspaper subsidies paid for by local governments