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Jonathan Stickland files bill to cut off utilities to NSA facilities in Texas.

March 16, 2015

 State Rep. Jonathan Stickland (Bedford) introduced HB 3916 that would cut off water and electric utility services to all NSA data collection centers in Texas. Several other states have filed similar legislation which would stop providing utilities to NSA facilities, hindering their ability to unconstitutionally collect data.

The 4th Amendment has always been a top priority for Representative Stickland. “I was sent to Austin to fight for the liberties and privacy of all Texans, and this bill does just that,” Stickland said.  He also cited a Pew Research Center Poll showing that most Americans oppose the unconstitutional warrantless metadata surveillance program.

“The proper role of government is to protect the privacy and liberties of its citizens,” Stickland stated. “The Fourth Amendment is clear — a warrant is required in order to collect or monitor individual’s personal information.”

Last session, Representative Stickland led the fight in passing one of the strongest privacy protections in the nation on the state level with his email privacy bill that required a warrant for state police to access electronic data. Stickland continues to stand up for the privacy of all Texans while serving in Austin.

Stickland stated, “It is my duty to protect the people of Texas against all tyranny and violations of their right to privacy, even if it is coming from the federal government.”

Jonathan Stickland represents District 92 in the Texas House.  His district includes Hurst, Euless, Bedford, and portions of Fort Worth, Arlington, and Grand Prairie.