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Jonathan Stickland Seeks to Ban Dangerous No-Knock Raids

March 14, 2015

(Austin, TX)- Today, State Rep. Jonathan Stickland (Bedford) filed HB 3909 that would ban the issuance of “no knock” warrants.

No knock raids are not only a danger to the officers themselves, but also to innocent by-standers, like the ones that have been injured in the past year. This bill aims to protect against mistakes that put both police officers’ and citizens’ lives at risk.

“Every person has the constitutional right to be served a warrant and notified before their door is kicked down,” Stickland explained. “These people have not been convicted of a crime and are likely to fight back if their door is broken down unannounced.”

When honest mistakes are made, such as breaking down a door at the wrong house, these no-knock warrants become dangerous. When the wrong house is entered, it places the police officers in unnecessary danger. This scenario has happened nationwide and caused the deaths of innocent people.

“This bill would safeguard against these types of mistakes. It’s time we make it safer for both those who enforce the law and the citizens they protect. There is no reason why police shouldn’t announce their presence and intent before forcefully entering a domicile.”

Jonathan Stickland represents District 92 in the Texas House. His district includes Hurst, Euless, Bedford, and portions of Fort Worth, Arlington, and Grand Prairie. More information regarding Representative Stickland can be found at