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Our Biggest Victory!

October 14, 2013

Conservatives scored some major victories this session. Though outnumbered we stood for fiscal responsibility, education reform, and our Second Amendment rights. We worked across the aisle to protect the pension and healthcare plans of teachers and state employees, while reforming the system to keep our state financially strong.

While I’m proud to have played a part in all of these victories, they pale in comparison to our biggest win: protecting the life of the unborn.

Despite all the sound and fury of orange-clad activists in Austin, determined to protect late-term abortion, conservatives stood tall and insisted the right to life is the most fundamental and important right Legislators could act on.

I hope you’ll join our team as we continue the fight to protect the right to life for each and every Texan.

I need your help to ensure the right to life in Texas is protected, and that more conservative victories lie ahead.