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Today We Stand Ready to Fight

June 28, 2012

Today’s Supreme Court ruling was a punch in the gut to freedom loving conservatives like you and me across this country. If there was ever any doubt that everything we hold near and dear is under serious threat from the liberal agenda in this country it should all be gone now.

You have a president, a majority of politicians and now apparently judges who think they can spend your money, run your life and make decisions for you better than you yourself can. I disagree with everything in me. The proper role of government is simple; uphold the constitution by its original intent (which it is not being now) and protect every single individual’s personal rights and liberties. This is not what is happening today.

During my campaign for State Representative I spoke boldly and was unapologetic about my Christian Conservative values and beliefs. No matter where I was or who I was speaking with my platform never changed, even when it was not politically convenient. After today’s ruling against the will of the vast majority of Americans and surely against the will of our founding fathers in favor of the socialist Obamacare I felt it necessary to encourage you. Nothing I told you along the way was mere campaign rhetoric. I remain unapologetic as a Christian Conservative who is sick of what has become business as usual and I will fight against the Liberal agenda with everything in me. I had the following printed on the back of my campaign literature that we distributed to thousands of people in this district:

“Jonathan’s Plan: -Stop the invasion of Obamacare in Texas”

This remains true even after today. I am convinced that this job killing, liberty stripping, pure socialist agenda is the biggest threat to the people of House District 92 and it must be stopped. If Washington DC refuses to stop it, rests assure your State Representative will do everything possible to keep it out of Texas.

Please join me in redoubling our efforts to save our state and our country in this time of great trial. Putting our faith in the Lord first, praying diligently, and valuing true conservative convictions over compromise can and will win the day. We must never stop or give up hope.

If you agree and stand with me please show your support by donating $5 or $10 dollars today.

God Bless,

Jonathan Stickland