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Why I Am Running

December 1, 2011

Politics and the proper role of government has always been an interest of mine. I remember vividly as a young child watching my family volunteer for campaigns and watch the election results pour in until late in the night. I enjoyed hearing people talk about the issues at hand and the best ways they could be addressed. To this day a good debate gets me fired up.

At Birdville High School Mrs. James, my history teacher, noticed my passion and willingness to speak my mind regarding my beliefs and positions. She decided to nurture it and set up a debate between myself and another student. All of the school history classes were invited to the debate and it changed my life forever. Since then I have been known to my friends and family as a political junkie. I have worked on numerous campaigns on the local and national level and joined conservative groups and organizations that hold the same views that I do.

Like most people, I became increasingly concerned with the things happening in our country and state when Obama won the presidency. The liberal agenda was attacking every aspect of our freedom and threatening to wreck our economy. I became more politically active and wanted to be as effective as possible with my time and efforts. I got involved at the state level where I felt I could personally have more sway and influence. I became educated on the huge problems and threats in my own back yard.

Instead of addressing our problems with common sense constitutional solutions, our local legislators have chosen to kick the can down the road. Using accounting tricks and gimmicks they have positioned our state in an irresponsible way. It is clear Austin needs people who are willing to stand for true conservative Republican values rather than career politicians whose only concern is re-election and racking up personal favors or positioning.

Growing up in the HEB area I had seen the name Todd Smith on signs for the majority of my life. I personally went through and dissected his 16 year voting record and was not happy with what I found. Failing grades by almost every conservative group in the state during every term he has served and an obvious willingness to side with liberals on many issues was too much for me.

I was approached by local leaders who asked me to consider putting my own name on the ballot. At first, I must admit I was hesitant. My personal aspirations had never included running for political office, but I agreed to consider the thought and to give it to the Lord in prayer. After consulting with my family, friends and spiritual mentors, and listening for the Lords will on the matter I became convinced. It is my duty as a Christian, husband, father, and responsible citizen of Texas to put down my own desires and stand for Godly principles and limited government when given the opportunity.

I am not running to be a career politician. I want to be the next State Representative for District 92 because I believe we can and must do better than status quo. The HEB that I know is made up of people who believe in and live their lives based on conservative values that should be fought for in Austin. I believe I have the skills, convictions, and backbone to do just that.